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If you need to be sure your time in the gym is as efficient, effective, and safe as possible, we’ve got you! If you are new to fitness and strength training or are looking for a truly custom plan, you’re in the right place! Apex Trainers are the experts in individualized personal training and custom nutrition coaching.


Apex Wellness is one of the best training facilites in Memphis. 5 Star & first class trainer (Ryan) The facility is very clean. Workouts are specialized to you specifically. Training time slots are always flexible to work with your schedule. I came to Ryan a few months ago, with about 45% mobility from shoulder surgery, out of shape, and frankly my strength had declined. I can honestly say I gained up to 95% mobility, while personally achieving some physique changes, stamina is up, I have gotten physically stronger, and will look to continue my road to strength & recovery.

Marquesto R.

When I first moved to Memphis, I found it really difficult to find a non-commercial gym that wasn’t specifically for a certain type of workout only. I finally found Apex and loved everything they had to offer. Whatever your fitness goal may be, they design a workout regimen tailored specifically for you. I originally joined with strength training in mind. My goal has since changed to competing in a fitness competition. After the show, the goal is potentially a power lifting competition. I work with Alex and with each goal change, he has been super supportive and jumps right on board with these goals, designing detailed regiments for me to ensure I would achieve the results needed to reach each goal. The gym has a very comfortable atmosphere and everyone in that gym is very supportive of one another.

Nitu S.

I joined Apex originally to get in shape for my wedding, but continued to workout even after my wedding! Jon was a great trainer who listened to my concerns and made great individualized workout programs specific to my needs. All the trainers at Apex were wonderful and professional to work with!

Alison K.

I made the choice to join Apex a little over two months ago, and it is a decision I definitely do not regret! The workout environment is very welcoming to all, and the staff are all incredibly friendly. Robin is very knowledgeable, energetic and keeps me pumped up in my workout! My energy level has improved greatly already, and I look forward to continued changes in how I look and feel in the months ahead. I highly recommend Apex Wellness!!!

Mandi H.

I’ve been a client here for a year and half and it’s been the most consistent span of exercise of my life. I am stronger and excited to continue to see results from slowly changing my habits to go alongside the personalized workouts.
I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the other clients and trainers which makes the community in the gym welcoming and fun. Highly recommend!

Jenna S.




At Apex, we believe that you are either going to want a personal trainer or need a physical therapist.

After a personal assessment, we give you expert guidance that is best suited for you to ensure we limit injuries and maintain your health because you can’t keep going if you are on the sidelines.