“Memphis’ Best Personal Training”

"I Trusted Apex During…"

Kathryn had her sights set on running the Chicago Marathon in 2019. A running enthusiast for 15 years and a triathlete, she wanted to level up her running in Chicago. While training for the race, Kathryn learned she was pregnant with her and her husband Charles’ baby girl, who is now nine months old. The Chicago Marathon had to wait that year, but Kathryn’s other exercise interests didn’t... READ MORE

"They Are Pros"

Moving to a new state in the midst of a global pandemic is in many ways as challenging as it sounds, according to Forrest Alton. Forrest and his wife, Heather, left South Carolina and arrived in Memphis in July 2020 for Heather’s new job at St. Jude. The pandemic precautions in Memphis looked like those in other cities around the world: limited access to the places you would normally go in a new ... READ MORE

"Sick and Tired of Being Sick…"

One of the things we know non-clients out there are struggling with is knowing they need to do something to change their health, but they are overwhelmed. It seems like a huge mountain to climb, with the apex (get it?) seeming impossible to reach. Diana started there, too. “I decided I was sick and tired of literally being sick and tired. But, I was lost on where to start on what seemed like a gian... READ MORE

"They Do Things Differently Here"

You may have heard of the Tough Mudder race. It’s a competitive endurance race riddled with obstacles with such names as “Entrapment” and “Black Widow,” plus … you got, a big mud pit at the finish line. Ben moved to Memphis just as he was beginning to train for a 2019 Tough Mudder. He signed up for the race as something new to do in his fitness regime. A lifelong athlete, Ben played baseba... READ MORE

"Welcomed and Encouraged …"

One in 10 adults struggles with depression, according to Harvard Health, and exercise is shown to be an all-natural way to fight it. When we exercise, our brain releases endorphins, also known as feel-good chemicals (read other physical and neuro benefits of exercise here). Regina is an assistant district attorney in the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office. For about a year before coming to Ape... READ MORE

"I Outsourced My Workout Plans"

Every consultant knows a thing or two about when to outsource to the best person. When consultant Sumeet Chahal decided to outsource his workout planning, he chose Apex Wellness. Sumeet is a former Marine and has been active in fitness since he was 15 years old. He worked out with weights and running to prepare himself for entering the Marine Corps. Even after completing his four-year contract with th... READ MORE

"My Membership Is Life Changing"

When enough is enough, you know it. Sometimes, your medical doctor will help you understand when you’ve reached the point when change needs to happen. Our client Stephen reached that point last year. His doctor told him that his pre-diabetes had become full-blown diabetes. He was also experiencing high blood pressure and high cholesterol. “I was in a bad way with my health,” Stephen says. "I w... READ MORE

"Personalized Training Has Made…"

Tim is a lover of all things physically challenging. (As if his training photo didn’t give that away. Yes, that is a heavy hain draped over his abdomen as he dead-lifts his own body weight from the floor.) He’s been an Apex client for three years and works out with us three times each week. In his own words, Tim says the Apex Wellness community is '“priceless” for him. Tim is a lover of all t... READ MORE

"Won’t Get the Same Support…"

Kelly has been a client at Apex Wellness since early 2015 and works out with us three times a week. When Kelly started her weight-loss journey in 2012, she would do the occasional bootcamp class but didn’t exactly know what to do in a traditional gym or what wellness truly meant to her personally. The process was intimidating for her at the beginning. Kelly has been a client at Apex Wellness sinc... READ MORE

"I Trust Them to Push Me"

Pam has been an Apex Wellness personal training client since 2015 and works out with us two to three times a week. When Pam came to us, she had just committed to a healthy eating plan and had lost 30-40 pounds the year before. She had found the weight level she wanted, but still aimed to get stronger, gain muscle tone, and improve her balance. She had been a member of a traditional gym but was finding... READ MORE